Balance & Progress

At Acopa, we see outdoor and indoor climbing, sport and trad, as complimentary rather than opposite pursuits.

Like the Ying and the Yang of climbing, like Robbins and Harding, both are necessary to the development, growth and advancement of climbing as a whole.

Each contributes and responds to our human desire to play, grow and explore.

Ethics & freedom, effort & fun, courage & fear; also go hand in hand. They need each other, make each other possible.

There is no courage without fear, nor ethics without freedom.

At Acopa, we believe that tradition & innovation, comfort & performance; must also go hand in hand.

Tradition nurtures innovation.

Performance requires comfort.


A New Mission

We Are Back Because of You.

Your loyalty and support made it possible.

They honor, inspire and make us proud. They are met by our unwavering commitment to performance-oriented design and top quality craftsmanship.

Our history, ethics and values guide us. The future beckons. Our Mission is clear.

We will bring you top-quality, high-performance shoes and gear to help you push your limits.

We will uphold a tradition of artisanal craftsmanship while pushing innovation ever forward.

We will make the best rock climbing shoes in the world.

By innovating and improving our shoes, we can help climbers reach new limits. Once they do, they will demand new and even better shoes from us. Better gear and more advanced skills create a virtuous cycle.

Through that process, together, we will contribute to the development and evolution of climbing.



Climbing puts us in touch with Nature in a way few other pursuits ever could.

Approach-walks, contact with the rock, expansive summit views, the gradual and difficult nature of upward progress; all contribute to an increased awareness and appreciation of the environment in which we climb.

Acopa will continue to undertake and support efforts to minimize the negative impact our climbing, manufacturing and distribution activities have on the environment.

As climbers, we also look out for each other and help each other as much as possible.

That’s why Acopa also supports and will continue to support initiatives to increase awareness, safety and inclusiveness in climbing, such as Outdoor Outreach, Yosemite Facelift and Climb Smart.