"I’m still astounded by the confidence I have in this rubber on the tiniest holds. They lock in and stay glued to the stone. Former Sportiva guy who is now wearing Acopas fir life!"

-Layne Zuelke


"The Aztecs are amazing - thank you! If anyone thinks these are a “beginner” shoe, have them come talk to me. I’ve used (the old model) on just about everything, and the new model (right out of the box) helped me send a V10 boulder problem recently. Keep up the great work!"

-D. Lautzenheiser


“Once again, Acopa has knocked it out of the park. I love the shoes… It was a pleasant surprise to be reminded of how much grip Acopa rubber has on Yosemite rock. The rubber seems to be even more sticky than I remember. The shoes are insanely comfortable and performed flawlessly. Smearing on slabs, edging on dimes, toeing onto knobs and even stuffing them into cracks, they not only did it all they excelled at them all. Thanks again for making the best/most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.”

-Josh Holmes


"In a nutshell: I love everything about Acopa. My first pair of Merlins were a total paradigm shift for my climbing life. Stickiest rubber ever. Shaping innovation still unmatched in 2019, allowing for COMFORTABLE all-day technical climbs. Made by true climbers for true climbers!"

-Tyler Nelson


"I love the fit of my two pair of JB's and Spectres, especially in the toe.  There's nothing like it.  I had a pair of Aztec's that were wonderful also.  I really don't climb in anything but Acopa's."

-RJ Nakata


"Spectre are probably my favorite shoe ever. The only reason I don't wear them as often as I'd like is because I never thought that I would be able to get my hands on another pair and didn't want to lose the rubber. They've been restricted to very significant climbs. I am so excited to be able to wear the shit out of a pair!"

-"Knowbuddy buddy", Mountain Project Forum


"The highest performing and highest quality shoes made, hands down."

-"ap.adventures.1224", Instagram


"Acopa was never big and when they were up and running they were great (and the best shoes I have ever worn)."

-"Insert Name", Mountain Project Forum