Phoebe Gabrielle Tourtellotte is an inspirational climber.

She is driven and competitive. She’s focused and motivated. Yes, she’s also been dealt a couple of bad hands along the way, but she doesn’t give up. She keeps smiling and she keeps working.

We here at Acopa can definitely relate. That’s why we’ve been proud to support her as much as we can and why we’re proud she wears our shoes.

Phoebe’s input and suggestions also helped us fine tune our newest model, the Nova. Before they’d been out a full month, she took them to the Psicobloc in Montreal and won 1st place in her category.

Congratulations Phoebe Gabrielle Tourtellotte, 2022 Parabloc RP3 Champion!




The all-new Acopa Nova is here!


Climbers looking for a competition-grade performance shoe for bouldering and indoor climbing need look no further. In 2022, the Nova is re-defining high performance.


A highly-technical, highly-precise and 100% leather-free model, the Nova is built on an all-new last. Unlined, it hugs the arch and securely cradles the heel for superior performance, while a one-of-a-kind midsole system delivers sensitivity without compromising comfort.


The Nova features a generous slab of Acopa RS II rubber over the forefoot and an easy to hook heel design. A single point, 4-way adjustable fitting system wraps the shoe around your foot like a glove, while the soft and wide tongue holds it comfortably and securely in place. The Nova will fit narrow to medium wide feet best.


    Order today and remember, if you need an exchange, we'll pick up the return shipping!




    We are proud to welcome Pamela Shanti Pack to the Acopa team!

    Pamela is a professional climber, an offwidth master, an experienced first-ascentionist and a real inspiration to countless climbers all over the world.
    She's also a gifted instructor, imparting offwidth clinics, sharing her invaluable insight.

    Pamela is a true legend in her own time and we are excited to welcome her to the Acopa team.




    We are very excited to support Pamela's clinic, The Art of Offwidth!


    Offwidth is an often misunderstood, frequently maligned discipline that can be initially intimidating, even for many an otherwise strong climber. Through this clinic, Pamela has been successfully introducing climbers, particularly women, to the true art that is offwidth.


    Buy yourself an Art of Offwidth t-shirt (coming soon) and help us support this pioneering effort!





    ACOPA is proud to lead the way and introduce ACOPA CUSTOM!


    Every climber is different. However, millions of climbers have had to choose from only a few dozen climbing shoe designs.


    Finding the right shape and fitting system is a great start. But once you do, you may find you're not crazy about the materials used, or the colors selected. There wasn't much you could do about that. Until now.


    ACOPA CUSTOM is a pioneering and ground-breaking concept, a first of its kind anywhere in the world. It is the first step up a route that ends with every climber being able to design, order and climb in shoes that fit each of them as individuals. From fit to finish.


    ACOPA CUSTOM LEVEL 1 is the first step on this journey. Our models offer a wide variety of shapes to fit almost every foot out there. Now, each climber can choose not only the right shape for them, but also the right material, the right lining, the right rubber and the right colors.


    Take the first step with us! Design and order your first pair of customized Acopa shoes today!






    Get your Acopa shoes resoled with Acopa RS rubber... at the Acopa factory!


    When you buy a pair of Acopa shoes, you know you're buying quality and durability. There are many pairs of Acopa shoes made by us more than 10 years ago that are still climbing today! Treat them right and you'll be able to resole them half a dozen times or more. 


    However, resoling can change the way any rock climbing shoe fits. This is because resolers use lasts, processes and materials that may vary from those used by the original manufacturers. Sometimes the right rubber is hard to find. So, slowly but surely, your shoes lose their original shape, fit and performance.


    Facts of life, right? Well... not anymore!


    Now, if you own a pair of Acopa shoes, you can have them resoled at the factory, on the last it was originally made, by the same people who made it, thus guaranteeing a true fit for the life of your shoes.


    No other company in the world offers you this option. Once again, Acopa is proud to be first.



    We are proud to announce that you can now find Acopa climbing shoes at 3 more great mountainshops!

    Strawberry Station, in Twin Bridges, is The place to stock up if you're visiting Lover's Leap or the South Lake Tahoe area.

    Mammoth Mountain Supply in Mammoth Lakes is your one stop mountain shop when you visit Tuolumne or Yosemite.

    Mountainworks, in Provo, Utah, is the go-to shop for a great selection of climbing gear and other products on your way to Little Cottonwood Canyon.

    Make sure you stop by and check out our new models next time you're nearby!


    We celebrate that climbing is increasingly diverse. Today, climbing brings together people of all ages, backgrounds and belief systems. Some prefer leather. Others are looking for more "cow-friendly" options.
    The all-new Gama, Fly and Shot bring all climbers Acopa's renowned quality, comfort and performance in a line of leather-free models. Designed for both indoors and out, these three new models are choice for beginner and intermediate climbers who favor synthetic materials.
    The Fly is a go-to, whether at the gym or your favorite boulder. The Shot is an all-around edging machine, perfect for long routes and all-day comfort. And the "no-drama" Gama is the perfect tool for your hardest problems whether at the gym or at the crag.
    All three models feature Acopa's new RS2 Rubber. Just as sticky as our original RS Rubber, RS2 is a little firmer and designed to better withstand the wear and tear of indoor climbing.
    Give your indoor climbing an edge with the Fly, Shot & Gama!

    They're Back!

    The Chameleon, B3 and Enzo are back by popular demand!

    These are new and improved versions of three Acopa classics. Built using 100% natural leather and featuring our legendary Acopa RS Rubber, these models offer a range of fresh options for bouldering, sport and indoor climbing.





    ACOPA proudly supports professional guides, competitive climbers, climbing instructors and other industry professionals by offering special discounts through our Pro Deal pricing program!

    If you'd like to apply to receive Pro Deal prices, please write:!


    Acopa Outdoors has added a few cool features to our website! Have you seen them?

    We have a new Size & Fit page, to help you figure out which size will best fit your foot!

    We have a new Route Finder you can use to find climbing areas near you and learn all about the routes, grades and logistics of the area!

    Finally, we will also be updating a list of the select mountain shops that stock our shoes in our Find A Store section.

    Check out these new pages and let us know what you think!




    ACOPA has partnered with San Diego tattoo artist and graphic designer, Angel Lopez, to produce a series of Limited Edition, commemorative T-Shirts celebrating our relaunch and depicting landscapes and features dear to every climber!

    These awesome t-shirts are available now! Order yours today and Join The Rising!

    Caring & Giving Back

    Acopa proudly supports various organizations and participates in various events aimed at increasing safety, awareness and inclusiveness in climbing, as well as at reducing the impact our climbing has on the environment.

    We were proud to support ClimbSmart, Outdoor Outreach, the Bishop Craggin' Classic and other causes and events, and will continue to do so.