Nova - Custom Level 1

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Choose any ACOPA model, in any available color, synthetic or natural leather, lined or unlined, Original RS or RS II...

Acopa Custom lets you lead the way and tell us how to build YOUR shoes to better fulfill your individual needs.

Acopa Custom ordering means YOU make the choices and we build the shoes you've always wanted; shoes that better reflect your personal preferences, tastes and values.



  • Any model in leather or synthetic
  • Any available color (uppers)
  • Secondary material color (trim)
  • Acopa RS or Acopa RS II rubber
  • Lined or unlined, cotton or synthetic
  • Heel rand rubber color
  • Pull-on webbing loops color
  • Shipping included in the US
  • Split sizing
  • See Customization Options

All Options, Any Model: $249


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